In the beginning, God...

God created the world in six days, and on the seventh, He rested. God created mankind in His image, for work and for rest. God particularly created the man to work to provide for his family and woman to help the man in accomplishing this work.

God is very creative -- He didn't create one gray type of butterfly, but varieties of size, shape, and color. God enjoys work and created us to enjoy it as well.


The intention of this web site is manifold:


My goals are tied to the intentions listed above and are the following:

Last Words

Finally, I want to give credit to Bob Schultz, author of really great mentoring books for boys: "Boyhood and Beyond", "Practical Happiness", and "Created for Work". I use these books as devotionals for my family -- I have six sons and one daughter. I am particularly focused on training my sons to become creative workers who will be able to provide for their families as well as train up their own children (sons as providers and daughters as help-meets). I'm sad to say that Bob has gone on to be with the Lord; I look forward to meeting him someday...

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