Ralph Cabrera

3000 Highway 84, Pagosa Springs, Colorado 81147
(970) 264-0269 home (602) 881-3345 cell


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I am a highly-skilled and versatile software engineer with extensive experience in software development – analysis, requirements definition, design specification, development, and testing – using Java, C++, C, and SQL.

I have experience in reverse engineering, code analysis, and producing design documents from existing software. Terrific team player with extensive experience establishing teams, defining objectives and goals, and defining processes.

I am proficient in many forms of technical communication: listening, speaking, presentations, classroom training, technical writing, acquiring and understanding customer requirements.

I am customer-focused with proven track record developing long-term relationships with customers and end-users.

I am a great self-starter, a quick learner, and independent self-manager – I am highly productive in traditional office and remote work environments.

  • Jeppesen
    Aug 09 - Present
  • DigitalGlobe
    Aug 08 - Apr 09
  • Honeywell
    Jun 06 - Jun 08
  • SmartStream
    Sep 05 - Jun 06
  • Honeywell
    Nov 04 - Jun 05
  • Bank of America
    Aug 04 - Nov 04
  • Lucent/AGCS
    Aug 96 - Mar 04
  • Honeywell
    Apr 88 - Aug 96

Title: Systems Engineer (Subcontractor with Compri Consulting)


Wrote systems and software level requirements for Electronic Flight Bag Terminal Charts applications for both Boeing and Airbus platforms. Wrote graphical user interface design document for Airbus Terminal Charts application. Developed use cases, activity diagrams, and document models using Rational Software Modeler. Developed requirement databases using Rational Requisite Pro.

Title: Systems Engineer (Subcontractor with BridgeView IT)


Wrote high-, mid-, and low-level design documents for digital imagery order feasibility and production processing applications.  Analyzed software design, code (Java and PL-SQL), and tests to document software infrastructure.  Interviewed business rule engineers, software architects, designers, and developers to validate information for documentation.  Designed system design, data flow, and concept visualization diagrams using Visio.  Wrote technical notes.  Developed business rule maps for the digital imagery order interface interface Control document using MindJet’s Mindmanager.  Wrote concept of current and future operations document for digital imagery collection planning system.  Organized and documented test environment virtualization requirements.

References: Mark Mihelic, Manager, (303)

Title: Programmer Analyst (Subcontractor with Manpower)


Wrote system software requirements, design documents, and developed, integrated and tested custom software in C++ per DO-178B standards that used a Human-Machine Interface ARINC 661 protocol software engine to support the communications function of the B787 cockpit displays.  Created and implemented C++ software development guidelines and inspection checklist.  Developed auto-generation tools and build scripts for software loads.  Worked remotely from home in Colorado from May, 2007 through June 2008.


Harry Zulch, Department Manager, (602) 436-2311

David Schramm, Supervisor, (602) 436-2311

Title: Programmer Analyst


Designed, developed, and tested client/server corporate action back-office automation software using Java and C++.  Developed functional requirements from business analyst specifications.  Investigated and fixed software design and coding errors. Developed and performed formal system testing.

Title: Programmer Analyst (Subcontractor with Manpower)


Estimated, designed, planned, and developed software to replace internal flat-file librarian software using Java, SQL and an Oracle database.  Developed a Pascal-to-C-to-Java API using Java’s Native Interface (JNI) technology to provide the Pascal-based legacy application JDBC/ODBC connectivity to an Oracle database.


Bob Welch, Department Manager, (602) 436-2311

Title: Programmer Analyst (Subcontractor with TEKSystems)


Incorporated design enhancements to existing database design flow diagrams using Visio.  Designed and wrote Korn-shell scripts to provide analysis of daily data feed processing.  Investigated and repaired failed data feed processes and related data to ensure data integrity and continuity.

Title: Senior Staff Engineer


  • Designed and developed a multi-threaded, multiple-platform client/server Voice over IP (VoIP) hardware provisioning application using object-oriented analysis and design (OOA/OOD), Java, and UNIX Korn and Bourne shell scripts.  Target platforms were UNIX (Sun Solaris) and Windows (NT/2K/XP).
  • Developed a server-side object cache to improve SNMP performance with VoIP hardware.  Implemented performance improvements using thread pools and on-demand garbage-collection strategies.
  • Coordinated releases and led small team (5 people) in feature development and maintenance activities.
  • Designed and developed a configuration management application using C for UNIX (Sun Solaris) and Windows (95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP) that supported both command-line and graphical user interfaces.
  • Wrote embedded PL/SQL for the Oracle database component of the CM application.
  • Wrote Korn shell scripts for data migration, project conversion, and command automation.
  • Converted the CM application into a CM plug-in for Metrowerks' CodeWarrior development environment using the Microsoft Source Code Control Interface (SCCI) standard.
  • Developed and taught training classes; Wrote end-user documentation for CM applications; Wrote documents defining current and proposed configuration management processes for use with new commercial CM system

Title: Senior Software Engineer


  • Managed information systems in a Vax/VMS environment.  Configured desktop computers; performed data backups, installed software applications, resolved system and software problems, supported cross-platform applications for Sun UNIX and Windows NT. Automated daily management processes using DEC shell scripts.
  • Led selection committee to choose a future company-wide multiple-platform CM application for multiple platforms.
  • Developed/migrated an avionics database application from Vax/VMS to Sun UNIX using C, SQL, and Oracle into an X-Windows graphical user interface to replace the character cell forms-based interface.  Authored the application’s user manual and developed on-line help.
  • Developed FAA-certified in-house Vax/VMS-based configuration management system using Pascal, embedded DEC RDML, and DEC Code Management System.
  • Led the development of an X-Windows graphical user interface for the change request portion of the in-house CM application.
  • Developed and taught training classes; Authored reference manuals and on-line help.



  • Software Development
  • Languages
  • Platforms
  • Tools
  • Communication

I am proficient in the following software development practices and applications:

  • Object-oriented analysis and design (use cases, UML)
  • Graphical user interfaces
  • Configuration management systems
  • Client/server architectures
  • SNMP interfaces
  • Plug-ins using dynamic link libraries and application programmable interfaces (APIs)
  • Database applications
  • Java Native Interface
  • Java Swing

I am proficient in the following:

  • Object-oriented programming in Java and C++
  • Structured programming languages: C, Pascal, Fortran
  • Assembly languages: Vax Macro, Motorola M6800 and M68000, Intel 8086.
  • Database languages: SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, MySQL, DB2
  • Shell scripts: Korn, Bourne, DEC Command Language

I have experience using the following:

  • C# and .NET
  • ColdFusion
  • ASP
  • VBScript
  • JScript
  • VisualBasic
  • VB.NET
  • Apache Tomcat
  • WebLogic
  • WebSphere
  • Jakarta
  • Struts
  • JSPs
  • EJB.

I have developed software for the following platforms:

  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
  • MS- DOS
  • Sun Solaris
  • HP UX
  • DEC Vax/VMS.

I have experience using the following tools:

  • Software Development – WindRiver VxWorks, Tornado Debugger, Understand for Ada, C, and C++, Virtutech Simics, NetBeans, Eclipse, JBoss, MS SQL Query Analyzer, JBuilder, jEdit, Simplicity Professional, MS SQL Server, Squirrel SQL, MySQL, Rational Rose, Visio2003, WordPerfect, Interleaf, MS Office 2003 [Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint], Oracle, DB2, DEC Rdb, MS Visual Studio, TeleUse.
  • Configuration Management – Serena ChangeMan, Dimensions, PVCS, StarTeam, StarQuest, ClearQuality, and SCCS.
  • Requirement and Design Documentation – Rational Software Modeler, Rational Requisite Pro, Telelogic DOORS, Interleaf QuickSilver.
  • Thought-Process Documentation tools – MindJet MindManager, FreeMind.
  • Web Design/Development – Dreamweaver CS4, PHP, HTML, CSS.

I have performed the following technical communication tasks in my careeer:

  • Written high-, mid-, and low-level design documents for GUIs, client/server applications, embedded software, and tools.
  • Analyzed software design, code (C, C++, Java, SQL, Ada, Pascal, assembly language), and tests to create software infrastructure documentation, module and function descriptions, and design documentation.
  • Interviewed business rule engineers, software architects, designers, and developers to gather information for documentation.
  • Designed system design, data flow, and concept visualization diagrams using Visio.
  • Wrote technical notes for management.
  • Developed business rule maps using MindJet’s Mindmanager.
  • Wrote concept of operations documents and request-for-proposals.
  • Wrote user manuals and training documentation.
  • Wrote white papers on configuration management processes.
  • Developed and taught training classes.
  • Presented project plans to peers and management.
  • Wrote patterns on software configuration management: Software Reconstruction.



School: I attended Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona, from 1983 through 1987.

Degree: I obtained a Bachelor of Science, Computer Systems Engineering, focused on systems software. As a College of Engineering student, my studies comprised general studies, engineering core, and a computer science emphasis. My general studies included subjects like German, World History, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Discrete Math, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, et al. My engineering core included electrical, civil, material, and chemical engineering subjects. My computer science emphasis was in embedded software as well as large multi-user applications.

Year Graduated:I graduated December of 1987 after I interned at Honeywell in Phoenix, Arizona, in the summer of that year.



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